1st & 2nd Grade English Question 02

Question =1-The buffalo as well as horses……grass.
(A) eat
(B) eats✔
(C) eating
(D) eaten

Question=2-Neither his sister nor his brother…….reading.
(A) was✔
(B)  were
(C) are
(D) being

Question =3-The horse and carriage…ready.
(A) were
(B) will
(C) shall
(D) is✔

Question=4- The mother along with her three sons…..going.
(A) were
(B) will
(C) was✔
(D) being

Question=5-The poet and the philoshoper…..alive

(A) is
(B) have
(C) are✔
(D) been

Question=6 -The poet and musician……..dead.
(A) have
(B) are
(C) were
(D) is✔

Question=7-All ……..healthy.
(A) is
(B) has
(C) are✔
(D) was

🔳 Choose the correct question from the alternative⤵

Question =1 -I have some books.
(A) have you some books
(B) have you any books✔
(C) do you have some books
(D) None

Question=2 -She knows sth.
(A) Does she know anythings✔
(B) does she know sth
(C) does she knows ant
(D) does she knows sth

Question-3=They go to cinema evry sunday.
(A) Do they go to cinema evry sunday?
(B) who go to cinema evry sunday?
(C) when do they go to cinema?✔
(D) None

Question=4-They dare do it again.
(A) dare they do it again?✔
(B) do they dare it again?
(C) do they dare do it again?
(D) None

Question=5-She came by bus
(A) did she come by bus?
(B) how did he come ?✔
(C) who came by bus?
(D) none

🔳Choose the correct negative sentence⤵

Question=1 He considered our case to some extent.
(A) He did not consider our case at all✔
(B) he didnt consider to some extent
(C) he didnt help to any extent
(D) he didnt help to much extent

Question=2 Anuj did me some favour.
(A) pawan did not me some favour
(B) pawan did not me any favour.
(C)  pavan did not me do any favour.✔
(D) pawan did not do me some favour.

Question 3= Rahul is often late.
(A) He is not often late✔
(B) He is often not late
(C)  He does not often come late
(D) He is never late

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