1st & 2nd Grade English Question 05

1. One who is in charge of a museum

(A) curator ✔
(B) supervisor
(C) caretaker
(D) warden

2. Continuing fight between parties, families, clans, etc.
(A) enmity
(B) feud ✔
(C) quarrel
(D) skirmish

3. A voice loud enough to be heard

(A) audible ✔
(B) applaudable
(C) laudable
(D) Oral

4. A paper written by hand.
(A) handicraft
(B) manuscript ✔
(C) handiwork
(D) thesis

5. Habitually silent or talking little
(A) Servile
(B) unequivocal
(C) taciturn ✔
(D) synoptic

6. to slap with a flat object
(A) chop
(B) hew
(C) gnaw
(D) swat ✔

7. A person who speaks many languages

(A) linguist ✔
(B) monolingual
(C) polyglot
(D) bilingual

8. A light sailing – boat built specially for racing
(A) canoe
(B) yacht ✔
(C) frigate
(D) dinghy

9. A fixed orbit in space in relation to earth
(A) geological
(B) Geo – synchronous
(C) Geo – centric
(D) Geo – stationary ✔

10. A style in which a writer makes a display of his knowledge

(A) pedantic ✔
(B) verbose
(C) pompous
(D) ornate

11. A religious discourse
(A) preach
(B) stanza
(C) sanatorium
(D) sermon ✔

12. A place that provides refuge

(A) Asylum ✔
(B) Sanatorium
(C) shelter
(D) Orphanage

13. Detailed plan of a journey
(A) Travelogue
(B) Travel kit
(C) schedule
(D) itinerary ✔

14. A person who insists on something
(A) disciplinarian
(B) stickler ✔
(C) instantaneous
(D) boaster

15. A drawing on transparent paper
(A) red print
(B) blue print
(C) negative
(D) transparency ✔

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