English Grammar Quiz 25

English Grammar Quiz 25

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No of Questions-15

Q1 : Who is responsible __ this mess?

Explanation : We should remember that some adjectives are used with specific prepositions after them: ‘responsible for’

Q2 : My grandma has several ___ (a swine) in the village.

Explanation : There are some nouns which have the same form in the singular and in the plural: ONE SWINE – TWO SWINE

Q3 : We’ve seen ____ animals in the zoo today.

Explanation : A lot of’ is used before uncountable and countable nouns in positive sentences. ‘Much’ and ‘a little’ – before uncountable. We use ‘any’ in negative sentences.

Q4 : If you ___ (to drive) so slowly we ____ (to be) late.

Explanation : When we speak about probable situations in the present or future we use Conditional 1: If-clause (if + Present Simple) – Main Clause (future/modal + present without ‘to’) or If-clause (if + Present Simple) – Main Clause (future + HAVE TO, OUGHT TO, BE TO + present without ‘to’).

Q5 : Tom: Will you go there with me?

Explanation : Tom asked me if I would go there with him.’ – this is the right word order in Reported Speech for general questions. We add ‘if’ before a pronoun and then place an auxiliary.

Q 6 : The service is currently ___ .

Explanation : We should remember that the adjective ‘available’ is used with the prefix ‘un-‘

Q7 : Nick spoke ____.

Explanation : We use adverbs to describe time, degree, manner, etc. In other words adverbs help us get more information about the action or the place (where, when, how, how often, etc.) Many adverbs are formed from adding ‘-ly’ or ‘-ily’ to the adjective.

Q8 : Jack took the pen, ___ was red.

Explanation : We use ‘which’ or ‘that’ for things in relative clauses. ?’Whose’ and ‘whom’ are used as objects.

Q 9 : My brother is a great specialist __ IT.

Explanation : We should remember that some nouns are used with specific prepositions after them: ‘specialist in’

Q10: They invited us __ dinner.

Explanation : It is correct to say ‘for dinner’

Q11 : This single _______ (to release) last month.

Explanation : When we don’t know who carries out the action, or it is obvious or unimportant to us, we use the Passive voice. The Passive is formed: BE + Past Participle. ?In this sentence the action took place at a certain time in the past, so we use the Past Simple Passive.

Q12 : It’s very cold outside. We ____ put on warm clothes.

Explanation : We use the modal verb ‘have to’ when it is not our idea to do something, when we are forced to do something by somebody or by circumstances.

Q13 : I need _____ (to complete) this project until the end of this month.

Explanation : Phrasal verb ‘to carry out’ means ‘to complete smth’.

Q14 : Choose ?two forms of the verb ‘to sing’ according to the order: Past Simple – Past Participle

Explanation : TO SING – SANG – SUNG

Q15 : Jill didn’t answer Martin. She didn’t know what to tell __ .

Explanation : Here the pronoun should be used in its objective form. ‘him’ is the right form of the personal pronoun ‘he’

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