English Grammar Quiz 29

Questions in English Grammar Quiz 29 – 15

Q1 : The performance was not brilliant, but I found it ___ interesting.

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Explanation : Some words can make adjectives weaker. We call these words mitigators. Some of them are: rather, a bit, a little bit, slightly, fairly. Intensifiers like ‘completely, exceptionally’ are used with extreme adjectives. Remember that ‘enough’ goes after the adjective.

Q2 : I don’t know what is going on! Jake ___ ignored me when I tried to talk to him.

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Explanation : Very often we use adverbs as intensifiers. It means that they help us emphasise smth. Remember that adverbs are formed by adding ‘-ly’ or ‘-ily’ to the adjective.

Q3 : Mr. Johnattan didn’t mind ___ (to help) me.

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Explanation : ‘not to mind’ requires the Gerund. In this case the Gerund is used as the object of the verb.

Q4 : There are a lot of advantages __ working as a stewardess.

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Explanation : We should remember that some nouns are used with specific prepositions after them: ‘advantage in’.

Q5 : ___ all our previous troubles we’ve got an another crashing news today.

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Explanation : It is correct to say ‘in addition to’. Other options do not relate to the meaning.

Q6 : Transfer this Active Voice sentence into the Passive one: The company is still constructing the building.

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Explanation : We use the Present Continuous in this sentence. Therefore we should use the appropriate form of the Passive – [auxiliary] + [being] + [verb+-ed / Past Participle]

Q7 : Please, __ your seats and fasten belts.

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Explanation : We say ‘to take a seat’.

Q8 : I hate job interviews because it always seems like they __ (to look arrogantly) me.

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Explanation : Phrasal verb ‘to look down on’ means ‘to look arrogantly and contemptuously’.

Q9 : Choose two forms of the verb ‘to misunderstand’ according to the order: Past Simple – Past Participle

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Q10 : Sure, you may take my phablet ____ you don’t damage it.

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Explanation : When we want to express a condition we usually use these linking words: as long as, provided/providing (that). Other given linking words do not relate to the meaning of the sentence.

Q11 : Choose the sentence with the right word order

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Explanation : There is a certain word order in statements with the Present Simple Tense: Subject – Auxiliary – Object. When we need to use many adjectives in one sentence, they should be placed in the following order: Opinion – Size – Age – Shape – Colour – Origin – Material – Purpose. ‘New’ defines age, ‘white’ refers to colour and ‘mink’ – to material.

Q 12 : There is __ table and four chairs in the kitchen.

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Explanation : We use the article ‘a’ with singular countable nouns to show quantity – only one.

Q13 : The weather ___ (to improve). I think we can go roller skating to the park soon.

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Explanation : We Present Continuous in case of changing situations

Q14 : In the cafe we __(to try) some delicious food, ___ (to drink) some wine and then we __ (to walk)a lot in the city centre.

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Explanation : When we talk about actions which happened one after the other in the past we use the Past Simple Tense.

Q15 : Darrel has realised too late that he ____ (to wait) for Jill for more that 3 hours when her aircraft lands.

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Explanation : The Future Perfect Continuous (like the Future Perfect) expresses the idea that an action will continue up until another one or certain time point in the Future. But the Future Perfect Continuous is more concentrated on the duration. We use it when it is important for us to emphasise ‘how long’ smth will be in progress in the future: for an hour, for a week, for a year, etc.

English Grammar QUESTION Quiz -29
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