English Grammar Quiz 30

Questions in English Grammar Quiz 30 – 15

Q1 : Unfortunately all rooms in this hostel __ (already / to book). We need to look for another hostel.

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Explanation : The correct form of the Present Perfect Passive is: [have/has] + been + [verb+ -ed / Past Participle]

Q2 : The Sumptons went on a two-months __ to Europe.

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Explanation : ‘Voyage’ – is a long trip, very often at sea

Q3 : Their project __ (is successful) very fine.

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Explanation : Phrasal verb ‘to work out’ means ‘to be successful ‘.

Q4 : Choose two forms of the verb ‘to quit’ according to the order: Past Simple – Past Participle

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Explanation : TO QUIT – QUIT -QUIT

Q5 : ___ it was sunny, we took sunglasses and a parasol to shade skin from the light.

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Explanation : It was sunny’ is the reason why we took sunglasses and a parasol. To give a reason for a certain situation we use ‘seeing that, seeing as, as, because, since’ + clause. Other given linking words do not relate to the meaning of the sentence.

Q6 : Choose the sentence with the right word order

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Explanation : The subject is normally placed before the predicate. Note, that very often the subject is not a single word. Here: ‘The man who had been sleeping during the flight’ – is the subject. Then, you should pay attention to the word order inside this phrase: the man – is on the first place and relative clause with ‘who’ follows it.

Q7 : The most famous carnival is celebrated in ____Brazil.

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Explanation : The’ is not used before names of countries, but there are some exceptions: the Netherlands, the Argentine, the Vatican City, the Sudan.

Q8 : Origami ___ (to be) his hobby since childhood.

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Explanation : The action in this sentence started in the Past (childhood) and continues in the Present. It means that he is still fond of origami. In this case we should use the Present Perfect Tense: has/have + Verb (-ed/Past Participle)

Q9 : Uma ____ (to visit) Moscow when she ___ (to be) young.

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Explanation : We use the Past Simple Tense when we talk about actions which happened at a certain time in the past. Here: when she was young.

Q10 : – It’s so stuffy here! – I __ (to open) the window.

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Explanation : We use the Future Simple Tense when someone suggests to do smth voluntarily

Q11 : Max moved into a new place. He has to get accustomed __ it.

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Explanation : We should remember that some adjectives are used with specific prepositions after them: ‘accustomed to’.

Q12 : The meeting of __ (alumna) will be held on Saturday.

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Explanation : There are many nouns which have Greek or Latin origin. As a rule, they keep own endings: A ALUMNA – TWO ALUMNAE

Q13 : We live a boring life. We never go __ .

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Explanation : We use ‘some’ in positive clauses while ‘any’ – in negative. ‘Never’ refers to negative meaning.

Q14 : If Julia __ (to be) lucky, she ___ (to be taken) on this prestigious job.

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Explanation : When we speak about probable situations in the present or future we use Conditional 1: If-clause (if + Present Simple) – Main Clause (future/modal + present without ‘to’)

Q15 : Find the correct word formation chain (noun – adjective – verb): agitation

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Explanation : We say ‘agitator – agitated – agitate’

English Grammar QUESTION Quiz -30
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