English Grammar Quiz 33

English Grammar Quiz 33

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No of Questions-15

Q1 : Choose the sentence with the right word order

Q2 : Let’s visit __ Philippines next summer.

Explanation : ‘The’ is used before the names of countries in a plural form.

Q3 : Helga ___ (already / to write) an essay and she _____ (it / to check out) for two hours. Don’t interrupt her.

Explanation : 1. ‘Already’ shows us that the action is complete and we see the result in the present. This is why the Present Perfect is an appropriate tense for the first part of the sentence. 2. ‘For two hours’ and ‘Don’t interrupt her’ shows that the process (has been checking it out) is still in progress. It started in the past and continues up in the present, therefore we use the Present Perfect Continuous.

Q4 : Julia _(to take) a leash and _ (to go) out to walk her dog in the park.

Explanation : When we talk about actions which happened one after the other in the past we use the Past Simple Tense.

Q5 : Teresa __(to see) her son’s teacher tomorrow morning.

Q6 : It is typical __ her to wear far-out clothes.

Explanation : We should remember that some adjectives are used with specific prepositions after them: ‘typical of’.

Q7 : Carl lives in Sydney. He is a ___ .

Explanation : Sydney (city) – Sydney-sider (a person who lives in Sydney)

Q8 : There was hardly __ policeman on the road.

Explanation : We use ‘any’ in questions and negative sentences. ‘Hardly’ refers to the negative meaning.

Q9 : If I __(to win) the lottery I ___(to give) all the money to charity.

Explanation : When we speak about probable situations in the present or future we use Conditional 1: If-clause (if + Present Simple) – Main Clause (future/modal + present without ‘to’)

Q10 : Find the correct word formation chain (noun – adjective – verb): admiration

Explanation : We say ‘admirer – admirable – admire’

Q11 : The red car is ____ more expensive than the black one.

Explanation : We can use mitigators ‘slightly, rather, a bit, a little bit’ with comparative adjectives.

Q12 : The problem is ___ serious.

Explanation : ‘Obviously’ means ‘clearly understood to everyone’.(

Q13 : Carla considered ____ (to change) her job.

Explanation : ‘Consider’ requires the Gerund. In this case the Gerund is used as the object of the verb.

Q14 : We hope there will be an increase __ salary soon.

Explanation : We should remember that some nouns are used with specific prepositions after them: ‘increase in’.

Q15 : Llama belongs ___ the camel family.

Explanation : It is correct to say ‘to belong to’.

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