English Grammar Quiz 45

English Grammar Quiz 45

No of Questions – 16 

1. Before this year, I ___ move out of my parents’ house because I did not have a job.

2. But now that I have finished college and have a job, I realize that living at home ___ drive my parents and me crazy

3. Unfortunately, it’s not so easy to find to find an apartment in the city. Without an agent, you ___ not be able to find all the available listings.

Answer: d. might Reason: “Might” expresses possibility in the present and future.

4. Before now, I coudn’t sign a lease, but now I ___ because I am twenty-one.

Answer: b. can Reason: “Can” (or “am able to”) expresses a present ability.

5. I asked my friends to help me move because I knew that I ___ fit all my possessions into my little car.

Answer: d. couldn’t Reason: Both “can” or “could” express ability. However, if the verb tense in the main clause is past (“I knew”), we backshift the verb tense (“can’t” to “couldn’t”) in the subordinated clause.

6. My best friend said, “I ___ help you move next week.”

7. He added, “I ___ help earlier in the morning than later in the afternoon.” (preference)

8. My father also offered to help me move. He ____ be really eager to have me move out! (conclusion)

9. Another friend told me that he ___ me move, but he never showed up.

10. With the help of three friends, I _ get all my possessions into the new condo. (managed to).

Answer: d. was able to Reason: “Was able to” (not “could”) expresses a past, single event with the meaning “managed to” (e.g., I was able to get my license after practicing for a year.)

11. My parents are happy for me, but warned, “You ___ spend all your money each month. Save a little extra money for unexpected emergencies.”

Answer: a. mustn’t Reason: “Mustn’t is used as an imperative “Important. Do not!

12. I know that everyone ___ save a little extra money, but it is hard with so many bills to pay.

13. I made a few purchases. The first thing that I ___ was furniture.

14. I ___ on the wood floor, but it was too hard, so I bought a sofa-bed.

Answer: c. could have slept Reason: When discussing past options or opportunities that we didn’t take or do, we use the modal expression “could have” (e.g., I could have gone early, but I didn’t. (It was a lost opportunity.)

15. It ___ about a year until I am able to completely furnish my apartment.

16. By this time next year, I ___ a lot about living independently.