English Grammar Quiz 46

English Grammar Quiz 46

No of Questions- 15

Q1 : Choose the sentence with the right word order

Explanation : The right word order in the wh-question is: Question Word – Auxiliary or Modal – Subject – Main Verb – Object. ‘When’ is a question word, ‘can’ – a modal verb, ‘we’ – a subject, ‘have’ – main verb, ‘a cup of coffee at first’ – an object.

Q2 : It has been announced that ___ Pope is going to visit Warsaw.

Explanation : We know that there is the only Pope in the world, so we use definite article ‘the’.

Q3 : Samuel _______ (not to leave) the office yet. He wants to finish his report by tomorrow morning.

Explanation : The action in this sentence started at an unstated time in the Past and continues in the Present. It means that Samuel is still in the office. In this case we should use the Present Perfect Tense: has/have + Verb (-ed/Past Participle).

Q4 : Benjamin _______ (to watch) a movie before Alison _______ (to come) in.

Explanation : Past Perfect Continuous emphasizes the duration of an action in the past before another one. We can not use Past Continuous because this Tense wouldn’t show that the first action started before the second one.

Q5 : Luke ____ (to let) us know when he finds the keys to the apartment.

Explanation : We use the Future Simple Tense when we talk about common actions and facts which will happen in the future.

Q6 : Our transport system is very similar ___ Berlin’s one.

Explanation : We should remember that some adjectives are used with specific prepositions after them: ‘similar to’.

Q7 : A stranger gave a beggar two _______ (a loaf) of bread and a bottle of water.

Explanation : Some nouns have spelling changes: A LOAF – LOAVES

Q8 : Dear, have you bought ___ apples?

Explanation : We usually use ‘any’ in questions.

Q09 : Express the idea when you want someone to do smth in the present or future: It’s late. Don’t go there alone.

Explanation : When we need to express the idea when you want someone to do smth in the present or future we usually use the construction [would rather + subject + Past Simple]. Other answers do not relate to the meaning.

Q10 : Use a suffix to form an adjective from a given word: guilt

Explanation : We say ‘guilt – guilty’

Q11 : I bought ______ (riding/beautiful/black) boots yesterday.

Explanation : There is a certain word order in sentences with two or more adjectives: OPINION-SIZE-AGE-SHAPE-COLOUR-ORIGIN-MATERIAL-PURPOSE. Here: beautiful (opinion) black (colour) riding (purpose)

Q12 : Our friends ________ invited us to visit their new home in Stradford.

Explanation : We use adverbs to describe time, degree, manner, etc. In other words adverbs help us get more information about the action or a place (where, when, how, how often, etc.) They are formed by adding ‘-ly’ or ‘-ily’ to the adjective.

Q13 : Stacey stopped ________ (to drink) some water. She made a pause during her jogging.

Explanation : Some verbs can be used both with the Gerund and the Infinitive. But in some cases the meaning of the sentence becomes different. Compare: stopped to drink – stopped one activity in order to start another one / stopped drinking – she is not drinking anymore.

Q14 : The government will certainly give an appropriate reply ___ the challenge thrown by radical parties.

Explanation : We should remember that some nouns are used with specific prepositions after them: ‘a reply to’.

Q15 : What’s the distinction ______ hardware and software?

Explanation : It is correct to say ‘distinction between

Q16 : Transfer this Active Voice sentence into the Passive one: The Congress signed the Declaration on July 4 in 1776.

Explanation : In this sentence the action took place at a certain time in the past, so we use the Past Simple Passive: was/were + Past Participle. Answer 2 is illogical because the Declaration can not be the doer of an action.

Q17 : It is important to me to _____ business with honest partners.

Explanation : We say ‘to do business’.

Q18 : Melanie _______ (to devote the day) to her kids and parents.

Explanation : Phrasal verb ‘to give over’ means ‘to dedicate all the time to somebody or to something’.

Q19 : Choose two forms of the verb ‘to backslide’ according to the order: Past Simple – Past Participle


Q20 : Jeremy works hard ________ to prove he deserves to get a higher position.

Explanation : ‘To prove he deserves to get a higher position’ is a purpose why Jeremy works hard. When we introduce a purpose we use ‘in order/so as + to-infinitive’ or ‘so (that)/in order (that) + clause’. Other given linking words do not relate to the meaning of the sentence.

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