English Grammar Quiz 51

English Grammar Quiz 51

No of Question – 15

Q1 : I would like to buy this flat because it’s ____ than that.

Explanation : When we compare two things or two people we use the comparative form of adjectives. If we use one-syllable adjective we add ‘-er’ to it.

Q2 : Sandra looked at Bob __ .

Explanation : We use adverbs to describe time, degree, manner, etc. In other words adverbs help us get more information about the action or the place (where, when, how, how often, etc.) Many adverbs are formed from adding ‘-ly’ or ‘-ily’ to the adjective.

Q3 : Andy has a friend ___ is a student.

Explanation : We use ‘that’ and ‘who’ for people in relative clauses. ‘Whose’ and ‘whom’ are used as objects.

Q4 : Ann’s words had a great influence ___ his thoughts.

Explanation : We should remember that some nouns are used with specific prepositions after them: ‘influence on’

Q5 : Jack is so unlucky. He fell ill ___ holiday.

Explanation : It is correct to say ‘on holiday’

Q6 : America ______(to discover) in 1492.

Explanation : When we don’t know who carries out the action, or it is obvious or unimportant to us, we use the Passive voice. The Passive is formed: BE + Past Participle. In this sentence the action took place at a certain time in the past, so we use the Past Simple Tense.

Q7 : Sorry, I have no time to discuss anything. I _____ be at work at 10 o’clock.

Explanation : We use the modal verb ‘must’ when we talk about duties or when it is necessary to do something.

Q8 : Learning languages is very difficult but I need to ___(to continue in spite of difficulties).

Explanation : Phrasal verb ‘to keep on’ means ‘to continue in spite of difficulties’.

Q9 : Choose two forms of the verb ‘to fly’ according to the order: Past Simple – Past Participle

Explanation : TO FLY – FLEW – FLOWN

Q10 : Jake, we haven’t seen you for ages. When will you come and see __ ?

Explanation : Us’ is the right objective form of the personal pronoun ‘we’. ‘Them’ does not relate to the meaning.

Q11 : Choose the sentence with the right word order

Explanation : When we ask a Wh-question we use the following word order: Question Word – Auxiliary – Subject – Object. ‘When’ is a question word, ‘did’ – an auxiliary verb, ‘Apollo 11’ – a subject, ‘on the Moon’ – an object.

Q12 : _ Kilimanjaro is situated in Tanzania.

Explanation : We use zero article before individual mountains.

Q13 : Oh, no way, I _____ (to see) that man before!

Explanation : In this example we are talking about a time, that started in the past and has the connection with the moment in the present. In this case we use the Present Perfect Tense: has/have + Verb (-ed/Past Participle)

Q14 : I woke up at 7 a.m., ironed my clothes and ___ (to go) out.

Explanation : When we talk about actions which happened one after the other in the past we use the Past Simple Tense.

Q15 : Wait a minute, I _____ (to take) a notepad.

Explanation : We use the Future Simple Tense when we have no plan or decision before we speak. We make it at the time of speaking.*

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