One Word Substitution Question 02

One Word Substitution Question 02

Question:1. The building where the old things of historical interest are kept
A. Palace
B. Hotel
C. City
D. Museum✔

Question:2.a person who hunts wild animals
A. Hanter
B. Huntar
C. Hunter✔
D. Hunnter

Question:3.a group of animals of the same type
A. Hard
B. Herd✔
C. Hurd
D. Hurt

Question:4. One who travels, one who goes from one place to another
A. Villager
B. Traveler
C. Travaller
D. Traveller✔

Question:5. A group of objects of one type
A. Museum
B. Devotee
C. Collection✔
D. Tower

Question:6. A person who love of ones country
A. Devotee
B. Petriotism✔
C. Weapon
D. Honour

Question:7. A very religious person who belongs to a particular group
A. Devotee✔
B. Devoty
C. Davotee
D. Dewotee

Question:8. A person who works to achieve political or social change
A. Activist✔
B. Acteevist
C. Activit
D. Activity

Question:9. A person who checks financial accounts
A. A accountant
B. An acountant
C. An accountent
D. An accountant✔

Question:10. A person who welcome people in office/ hotels
A. Receptionist✔
B. Receptionnist
C. Reseptionist
D. Recaptionist

Question:11. A person who  repairs electrical items
A. A electrician
B. An electrician✔
C. An Electrisian
D. A Electric

Question:12. A person who treats diseases and gives medicine
A. Dactor
B. Docter
C. Dactar
D. Doctor✔

Question:13. A person who sells flowers
A. Flowest
B. Flowerest
C. Florist✔

Question:14.a person who makes tables and chairs
A. Carpenter✔
B. Karpenter
C. Tabler
D. Account

Question:15. A person who plays music
A. Music
B. Musician✔
C. Singor
D. Musision

One Word Substitution Question 02
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