Tense Questions Exercise 05 | English Grammar Practice Questions

Q 1- How many kinds of tense?
अ) 2
ब) 3 ✅
स) 4
द) 5

Q 2- How many types of past tense?
अ) 2
ब) 3
स) 4 ✅
द) 5

Q 3- I shall write a letter in this sentence which tense?
अ) simple
ब) past simple
स) future simple ✅
द) future continuous

Q 4- He ……..a novel now?
अ) read
ब) reads
स) reading
द) is reading ✅

Q 5- water …….at 100C ?
अ) boils✅
ब) boil
स) is boiling
द) is boils

Q 6- He generally …..here at night?
अ) came
ब) come
स) is coming
द) comes ✅

Q 7- “An action going on at the time of speaking ” which tense?
अ) present tense
ब) present cont. tense ✅
स) future tense
द) past tense

Q 8- A action that is done at the present time?
अ) past tense
ब) present tense ✅
स) future tense
द) past cont. tense

Q 9- She….food at this time?
अ) cooks
ब) cook
स) cooked
द) is cooking ✅

Q 10- I always…….the truth?
अ) is speaking
ब) are speaking
स) speaks
द) speak ✅

Q 11- There are …..days in a week?
अ) saven
ब) sevan
स) seven ✅
द) sewen

Q 12- We …..to school regularly?
अ) goes
ब) went
स) are going
द) go ✅

Q 13- Mohan ……his homework daily?
अ) do
ब) does ✅
स) am
द) are

Q 14= We …..in the evening every day?
अ) play ✅
ब) plays
स) is playing
द) played

Q 15- Nilesh…….to Jaipur yesterday?
अ) go
ब) did go
स) went ✅
द) does go