Voice Exercises : 02

English Grammar Voice Exercises : 02

Q.1 differential calculus is being learnt by the girl
A. the girl has learnt differential calculus
B. the girl is learning differential calculus ✔
C. the girl Learns differential calculus
D. the girl was learning differential calculus

Q.2 by whom is Jhon looked after
A. who is looking after Jhon
B. who looks after Jhon✔
C. Jhon looks after whom
D. whom looks after John

Q.3 the horse jumped over the fence
A. The fence was jumped by the horse
B. The fence might be jumped over by the horse
C. The fence was jumped over by the horse✔
D. The fence by the horse was jumped over

Q.4 they will laugh at you
A. you will have been laughed at by them
B. you can be laughed at by them
C. you may be laughed at by them
D. you will be laughed at by them✔

Q.5 trespassers shall be prosecuted
A. the authorities might prosecute trespassers
B. the authorities can prosecute trespassers
C. the authorities shall prosecute trespassers✔
D. the authorities May prosecute trespassers

Q.6 the waiter filled the glasses with water
A. the water were filled in the glasses by waiter
B. the glasses filled with water by the waiter
C. the glasses were filled with water by the waiter✔
D. the waiter was filled the glasses with water

Q.7 she took the dog for a walk
A. the dog took a walk by her
B. the dog was taken for a walk by her✔
C. the dog took her for a walk
D. the dog was took for a walk

Q.8 I don’t like people telling me what to do
A. I don’t like it when people are telling me what to do
B. I don’t like being told what to do✔
C. telling me what to do is what I don’t like
D. I don’t like people when they tell me what to do

Q.9 Bipin was not told about the meeting
A. somebody did not tell Bipin about the meeting
B. There Was Nobody who could tell Bipin about the meeting
C. nobody told Bipin about the meeting ✔
D. the meeting was not told about to Bipin

Q.10 have you been shown what to do
A. have anybody been shown by you what to do
B. have any body been showing you said to do
C. has you been shown what to do
D. has anybody shown you what to do✔


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