1st & 2nd Grade English 01

1st & 2nd Grade English 01

Elegy=it is a poem to mourn or lament the death of someone.it may also be a tribute to someone or sth lost.Elegy is judged by its subject matter and theme not by its stanza or metre

✏Most elegy and poet?
1⃣ Astrophel
poet Spenser its tribute to Philip sidney.
2⃣ Lycidas
poet Milton it’s tribute to Edward king.
3⃣ Adonais
poet Shelley tribute to keats.
4⃣ in memorium
poet Tennyson tribute to Arthur Hallam.
5⃣ Thyrsis
poet M.Arnold tribute to A.H.clugh.
6⃣ In memory of W.B Yeats
poet W.H Auden tribute to W.B yeats.
7⃣ Elegy written in country churchyard
poet Thomas gray tribute to Mankind in general

Note:Lycidas(1637),Elegy written in country churchyard(1751),Adonais(1821),In memorium(1821),and Thyrsis(1861) are called ‘Five Famous Elegies’

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