1. Battery of the cell is called-
[a] Mitochondria✔
[b] Lysosome
[c] Ribosome
[d] Nucleus

2. Mitochondria discovered by-
[a] Kollikar✔
[b] C- Benda
[c] Altman
[d] Robert hooke

3. Mitochondria is made up of-
[a] 1
[b] 2✔
[c] 3
[d] Membraneless

4. Liver cell contain how many mitochondria-
[a] 3000✔
[b] 30000
[c] 300
[d] 200

5. Mitochondria called as 'Bioblast' by-
[a] C- Benda
[b] Altman✔
[c] Kollikar
[d] Robert hooke

6. Name mitochondria given by-
[a] kollikar✔
[b] C- Benda
[c] Altman
[d] Robert hooke

7. Mitochondria breaks which food material-
[a] Protein
[b] Fats
[c] Carbohydrate
[d] All of the above✔

8. Which cell human body doesn't contain mitochondria?
[a] WBC
[b] RBC✔
[c] Liver
[d] Neuron cell

9. Fats storing Tissue of the body-
[a] Adipose Tissue✔
[b] Blood
[c] Lymph
[d] Muscular Tissue

10. Humph of camel is made up of-
[a] Adipose tissue✔
[b] Blood
[c] Lymph
[d] Muscular Tissue

11. Mitochondria absent in-
[a] Bacterial cell✔
[b] Plant Cell
[c] Animal cell
[d] All of the above

12. Energy Currency is-
[a] DNA
[b] A.T.P.✔
[c] RNA
[d] Ribosome

13. A.T.P. Produced in-
[a] Lysosome
[b] Mitochondria✔
[c] Golgibody
[d] Ribosome

14. BAT ( Brown Adipose Tissue ) present in-
[a] Newborn body✔
[b] Adult
[c] Old age
[d] None

15. Thickness of outer membrane of mitochondria-
[a] 75 A°✔
[b] 40 A°
[c] 25 A°
[d] 20 A°


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