Challenging Words

Challenging Words

1. Catapult (कटपुलट) - Cata-pal
Meaning - a forked stick with an elastic band fastened to the two prongs, used by children for shooting small stones - Noun
hurl or launch (something) with or as if with a catapult - Verb
Synonyms - sling, slingshot
Example - At the first sound of the alarm clock, I catapult out of bed and race through my morning chores.

?2. Manifestation (अभिव्यक्तियों) - Man-fest-tation
Meaning - an event, action, or object that clearly shows or embodies something abstract or theoretical - Noun
Synonyms - demonstration, explanation
Antonyms - hiding, reality
Example - The identity of the killer was not manifest to the puzzled detective.

3. Leapfrog (मेंढक कूद) -  Leap-frog
Meaning - perform such a vault - Verb
Synonyms - bounce, drop
Antonyms - ascent, increase
Example - They leapfrogged around the courtyard.

4. Dominant (प्रमुख) - Domi-nant
Meaning - having power and influence over others - Adjective
a dominant trait or gene - Noun
Synonyms - main, first
Antonyms - extra, impotent
Example - Although there are some English speaker’s French is the dominant language in the country.

5. Endeavour (प्रयास) - En-dev-er
Meaning - try hard to do or achieve something - Verb
an attempt to achieve a goal - Noun
Synonyms - try, attempt
Example - The council approved a city-wide endeavor to conserve water by planting drought-tolerant plants.

6 Flank (दिशा) - Fla-nk
Meaning - the side of a person's or animal's body between the ribs and the hip - Noun
be on each or on one side of - Verb
Synonyms - hand, quarter
Example - The enemy attacked on the left flank.

7. Inducements (प्रलोभन) - En-duce-ments
Meaning - a thing that persuades or leads someone to do something - Noun
Synonyms - encouragement, desire
Antonyms - dislike, hate
Example - Businesses were offered inducements to move to the area.

8. Appeasement (मनौती) - A-pease-ment
Meaning - the action or process of appeasing - Noun
Synonyms - conciliation, placation
Antonyms - difference, irritation
Example - He denied there is a policy of appeasement.

Disseminate (प्रसारित करना) - Dis-semi-nate
Meaning - spread (something, especially information) widely - Verb
Synonyms - advertise, publish
Antonyms - conceal, collect
Example (English) - These days news is disseminated through not just traditional media such as newspaper and television but also through new channels such as Facebook and Twitte


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