English Grammar Present Tense MCQ Test

1.  Many birds of Europe ... south to Africa in winter.

2.  The weather ... very cold in Moscow in the winter.

3.  After six days of rain, I'm glad that the sun ... again today.

4.  Don't forget to take your umbrella. It ... outside.

5.  Justin ... a book about his adventure in Tibet. I hope he can find a good publisher when he is finished.

6.  I ... them three times, but I still haven't received a reply.

7.  Hey, let's change the conversation. It ... too serious!

8. A: What is your activity now?
B: Well, right now I ... a book on how to cook fried rice better.

9.  We ... three major snowstorms so far this winter. I wonder how many more we will have.

10. Hendra really needs to get in touch with you. Since this morning, he ... here four times trying to reach you. He called at 9:10, 10:25, 12.15, and 1.45.

11. Right now Martha is in the science building at our school. The chemistry experiment that she ... is dangerous, so she is very careful.

12.  Don't give him this book. I ... it.

13.  A: Tell me your experience in going around the world.
B: Well, I .……………. many of the countries in Central America. I took a tour of Central America about six years ago.

14.  We ... four tests so far this week. We are in need of a great and long holiday!

15.  It's ten p.m. I ... for two hours and probably won't finish until midnight.


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