English Grammar Questions – 55

English Grammar Questions – 55


Choose the word which is most nearly the same in meaning

Q.1 Cultivate
A. a fruit
B. eradicate
C. neglect
D. till✔

Q.2 dash
A. standstill
B. stillness
C. retain
D. Pinch✔

Q.3 difference
A. variety ✔
B. similarity
C. harmony
D. Alike

Q.4 density
A. clever
B. distinct
C. clear
D. thickness✔

Q.5 elegant
A. course
B. common
C. vulgar
D. fair ✔

Q.6 envious
A. helpful
B. pleased
C. contented
D. Jealous✔

Q.7 confirm
A. cancel
B. destroy
C. combat
D. verify✔