English Grammar Quiz 02

Questions in English Grammar Quiz 02 - 20

Q21 : I’m worried ______ my exams.

Q22 : I’ve seen three ________ (a deer) in the forest today.

Q23 : I’ve heard ____________. I think we are not alone in the house.

Q24 : If I __________ (to be) you I ____________ (not to swim) in cold water.

Q25 : Tiffany: I’ll go to the GYM tomorrow.

Q26 : Choose the sentence with the right word order

Q27 : My brother wants to become _ policeman.

Q28 : It’s better to get rid of this toaster. It _________ more and more insecure.

Q 29 : I was going to a supermarket when the fire _____________ (to break) out.

Q30 : Well, I ___________ (to take) this pair of shoes.

Q31 : New Year __________________ (to celebrate) all over the world.

Q32 : My car is too dirty. I ______________ clean it immediately.

Q33 : I hate this town. I will never ________ (to return) here again.

Q34 : Choose two forms of the verb ‘to run’ according to the order: Past Simple – Past Participle

Q35 : If someone comes tell ______ to wait for a while.

Q36 : Monkey is ________ animal I’ve ever seen.

Q37 : ____________, he managed to do it.

Q38 : The person ______ I phoned 2 days ago is my grandfather.

Q39 : Jack has got some reasons ____ moving to London.

Q40 : We have no information about where he is but _____ least we know where he planned to go.



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