English Grammar Quiz 07

Questions in English Grammar Quiz 07 - 20

Q21 : Choose the sentence with the right word order

Q22 : Have you ever been to _ Sicily?

Q23 : We all know that the Earth ________ (to be) round.

Q24 : Bob ___________ (to listen) to music when the door bell rang.

Q25: I’m so happy! Lisa and Jake ______________ (to marry) soon!

Q26 : Why is Rachel so angry _____ it?

Q27 : Carla was sitting with two nice _______ (a woman).

Q28 : He eats _______ sweets every day.

Q29 : If you ________ (to call) me I _________ (to help) you.

Q30 : My colleague is a ________ man. He doesn’t forgive offenses and always pays back.

Q31 : Place the adverb on the correct place in the sentence

Q32 : I avoid ________ (to walk) alone in the forest.

Q33. It was reported on Monday about record rise __ foreign invesments in the country.

Q34 : My husband deals ___ car insurance.

Q35 : Transfer this Active voice sentence to the Passive one: I suppose that Jeremy has written this letter.



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