English Grammar Quiz 08

Questions in English Grammar Quiz 08 - 20

Q36 : Smoking has a strong harmful ________ on our health.

Q37 : Patrick is always ______ __(to lie about smth) stories about why he comes home late!

Q38 : Choose two forms of the verb ‘to bind’ according to the order: Past Simple – Past Participle

Q39: Teachers should be friendly and loyal _______ .

Q40 : Choose the sentence with the right word order

Q41: There are _____ eleven players in a football team.

Q42 : Jarrel ______ (to drive) all night long. Now he _____ (to be) totally exhausted and _____ (to want) to sleep.

Q43 : They ________ (to live) in that house for 3 years. They ________ (to move) to Denver about a year ago. But their house _______ (yet / not / to sell).

Q44 : This time next month Elizabeth ________ (still / to work) in Spain.

Q45 : Transfer this Active voice sentence to the Passive one: When I was in Paris somebody stole jewelry and cash from my flat.

Q46 : The coach ______ us instructions.

Q47 : Russel always supports me. He _______ (to support smb) over my decision to move to London.

Q48 : Choose two forms of the verb ‘to sting’ according to the order: Past Simple – Past Participle

Q49 : Miners went on strike _______ bad working conditions.

Q50 : Everybody loves Sarah. She is a _________ person who cares, always helps and makes your day sunny.



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