English Grammar Quiz 09

Questions in English Grammar Quiz 09 - 10

Q1 : Homer describes the_________ customs of the Greeks in his poem ‘The Odyssey’.

Q2 : We all were sitting silently and waiting ________ for the news from the hospital.

Q3 : We planned _______ (to get) there by 6 p.m.

Q5 : Alex was sleeping ______ the lecture.

Q6 : Tyler looks very pale. It seems he’s ill ____ fever or flu.

Q7 : Gabriela lives in Sao Paulo. She is a _______ .

Q8 : Formal writing: _______ water is wasted.

Q9 : It’s late. If our neighbor _____(not to turn) off the music in 5 minutes, I _____ (to call) the police.

Q10 : Find the correct word formation chain (noun – adjective – verb): administration

Q11 : Choose the sentence with the right word order

Q12 :Mr. Rogers is one of _______ best engineers in our company.

Q13 : My family ________ (to have) supper now. But _______ (to have) a high temperature at the moment and I’m too weak to join them.

Q14 : When I ________ (to enter) the room Mike _________ (to play) the guitar. He _______ (to play) all evening and ________ (to do) nothing about the house.

Q15 : This time tomorrow I ________ (to cook) while Jim ________ (to clean) the car.



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