English Grammar Quiz 10

Questions in English Grammar Quiz 10 - 15

Q16 : I like to be surrounded _____ energetic and open-hearted people.

Q17 : We don’t have enough ______ in our office

Q18 : We may not finish repairs in time. We need ___ extra hands.

Q19 : Express regret about the past: Jacob regrets that he bought that car.

Q20 : Use a suffix to form an adjective from a given word: accident

Q21 : Choose the sentence with the right word order

Q22 : Sport plays ____valuable role in my life.

Q23 : It’s 10 a.m. Jake _______ (already / to have) four cups of coffee this morning. Poor thing, he _______ (to work) all night long.

Q24 : Darrel ________ (to decide) on a career of a software developer when he ________ (to be) twenty four. It _____ (not / to be) difficult because he _______ (to graduate) from IT college before.

Q25 : I suppose that Mary _______ (to quit) the project soon.

Q26: Transfer this Active voice sentence to the Passive one: Workers installed an air conditioning system at Jeremy’s house 3 days ago.

Q27 : British scientists have finally ______ important research.

Q28 : Patrick was so loud and noisy in the morning that I had to get up and _________ (to criticize smb angrily).

Q29 : Choose two forms of the verb ‘to wring’ according to the order: Past Simple – Past Participle

Q30 : These two vases look rather similar, _______ they are the same shape and color


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