English Grammar Quiz 15

Questions in English Grammar Quiz 15 - 25

Q21 : I’m fond ____ reading.

Q22 : There are eleven _____ in each football team.

Q23 : We don’t have ________ milk.

Q24 : If I ______ (to be) Kate, I _______ (to study) harder

Q25 : Rachel: I’m playing the piano now’.

Q26 : Rick wants to marry Cindy. He gave her a beautiful _____ ring.

Q27 : The car was moving very _______ .

Q28 : Rennes is a city _______________ is situated in France.

Q29 : Dave is a student ____ business administration.

Q30 : I will pay _____ cash.

Q31 : Transfer this Active voice sentence to the Passive one: We all thought that Sandra had been living in Dubai for 3 years.

Q32 : The family chose some _______ location in order to have rest away from the city noise and hurry-scurry.

Q33 : Rachel, could you ______ the test papers __ (to give the same thing to many people) before the students?

Q34 : Choose two forms of the verb ‘to alight’ according to the order: Past Simple – Past Participle

Q36 : Choose the sentence with the right word order

Q37 : ____ Suez Canal joins____ Red Sea and ___Mediterranean Sea.

Q38 : _______ (you / to write) the report? – Yes, I _______ (just / to finish) it. I ________ (to do) it for so long.

Q39 : I ________ (to do) yoga while my dog ________ (to play) in the garden. Now I ______ (not / to see) him.

Q40 : _______ (you / to stay) here until we come?

Q41 : Our team was content ___ winning the third place.

Q42 : Oh, what a lovely chicken! _____ is yellow and bright like the Sun!

Q43 : There is _______ cheese in the fridge.

Q44 : Express disappointment with what somebody did in the past: Kurt left his job.

Q45 : Use a suffix to form a noun from a given word: disturb



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