English Grammar Quiz 22

Questions in English Grammar Quiz 22 – 15

Q1 : Choose the sentence with the right word order

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Explanation : We should remember that there are separable and inseparable phrasal verbs. ‘Do without’ belongs to the group of phrasal verbs which can not be devided.

Q2 : Did you know that Rachel works for _ Guardian (newspaper)?

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Explanation : We usually use the definite article before newspaper names.

Q3 : Jim __ (to work / usually) at the office but he ___ (to work) at home today.

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Explanation : 1. We use the Present Simple to talk about permanent and regular situations. 2. We use the Present Continuous to refer to temporary situations in the present

Q4 : The service company ___ (to apologise) because we ___ (to wait) for our car for 5 hours. We ___ (to be) totally exhausted.

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Explanation : 1,3. We use the Past Simple for short actions which were finished in the past. 2. We use the Past Perfect Continuous to emphasize the duration of the action which started in the past and continued up to some moment in the past.

Q5 : According to the schedule, we ___ (to depart) from London at 10 o’clock in the morning and __ (to arrive) to Oslo at 3 p.m. ___ (you / to meet) us?

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Explanation : 1,2. When we talk about scheduled events (planes, trains, etc.) we use the Present Simple. 3. When we make predictions or simple statements about the future we use the Future Simple.

Q6 : This cyclist seems to be ____ . He wins the sixth race this month.

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Explanation : ‘Invincible’ means ‘powerful, difficult to be defeated’.

Q7 : I’m not sure, but Jay is ___ in the park.

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Explanation : When we are not sure about smth we use the adverb ‘probably’. Other adverbs represented in the answers express a high degree of certainty.

Q8 : We prepared ____ (to get) up early in the morning.

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Explanation : ‘Prepare’ requires the Infinitive.

Q9 : I don’t understand you. Give me at least one reason __ your decision.

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Explanation : We should remember that some nouns are used with specific prepositions after them: ‘reason for’.

Q10 : Ella entered the room and smiled __ Jose.

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Explanation : It is correct to say ‘smile at smb’

Q1 : Transfer this Active voice sentence to the Passive one: Sandra gave Mark an apple.

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Explanation : Sometimes we need to change a sentence from the Active voice into the Passive voice. We can also know a person who carries out the action. In this case we form a sentence according to this word order: Subject – Be+ Past Participle – Preposition ‘BY’ – Agent (who or what carries out the action). Here the Past Simple Passive should be used: was given. Other answers are illogical.

Q12 : My Granny has always lived in the ____ . She doesn’t like big cities.

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Explanation : ‘Countryside’ – is the area outside towns. ‘Wildlife’ determines some area where wild animals live, plants grow, etc.

Q13 : Jimmy ____ (to ask people the same question) but nobody told him how to get to the park.

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Explanation : Phrasal verb ‘to ask around’ means ‘to ask people the same question’.

Q14 : Choose two forms of the verb ‘to beseech’ according to the order: Past Simple – Past Participle

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Q15 : Vets tried hard to save my puppy. He died, ___ .

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Explanation : We use ‘though’ to express contrast between parts of the sentence. This linking word can be placed in the end of the statement while other words ‘although, in spite of, despite, whereas, while’ (they also express contrast) can not. They are used to connect parts or in the very beginning of the sentence.

English Grammar QUESTION Quiz -22
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