English Grammar Quiz 24

Questions in English Grammar Quiz 24 - 15

Q1 : Choose the sentence with the right word order

Q2 : He wrote a poem for her. _ poem was beautiful.

Q3 : It __ (to get) colder. Do you really want to go out?

Q4 : Henry ____ (to talk) to his cousin while his wife was reading a newspaper.

Q5 : He has to do so much today. He _____ (to be) tired after work.

Q6 : Jeremy is very unfriendly __ Kate.

Q7 : I watched two ___ (a series) of Friends yesterday.

Q8 : There are ____ cats on the bench.

Q9 : If I ___ (to be) an actor I ___ (to choose) roles in action movies.

Q10 : Mary: I usually leave home at 9 o’clock.

Q11 : This black dress is ___ than the blue one.

Q12 : Susan plays the piano ___.

Q13 : Tom asked me about Mary, __ travelled with us last summer.

Q14 : He doesn’t have any respect __ his relatives.

Q15 : Kate is always __ the phone talking about everything in the world.

Q16 : Opera Rigoletto ______ (to compose) by Giuseppe Verdi in 1851.

Q17 : He is a good sportsman, but he ______ stop smoking.

Q18 : I think it’s important ?_____ (to stay in good relationships) with your colleagues.

Q19 : Choose ?two forms of the verb ‘to see’ according to the order: Past Simple – Past Participle

Q20 : We’ve bought a boat for ___



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