English Grammar Quiz 26

Questions in English Grammar Quiz 26 - 15

Q1 : Choose the sentence with the right word order

Q2 : My nephew plays _ piano very well.

Q3 : Simon is very busy. He ___ (to take) a rest very seldom.

Q4 : Bill ______ (to play) football at 10 o’clock yesterday.

Q5 : I have won the lottery. I ____ (to spend)?it for charity.

Q6 : I was astonished ___ her performance.

Q7 : Every human has got 32 ___ (a tooth).

Q8 : We hadn’t ____ success with that task.

Q9 : If he ___ (to be) at home we ___ (to tell) him everything.

Q10 : Sister: Don’t put this T-shirt on.

Q11 : Monkey is ____ animal I’ve ever seen.

Q12 : ____, he managed to do it.

Q13 : The person __ I phoned 2 days ago is my grandfather.

Q14 : Jack has got some reasons __ moving to London.

Q 15 : We have no information about where he is but ___ least we know where he planned to go.

Q16 : New Year ______ (to celebrate) all over the world.

Q17 : My car is too dirty. I ______ clean it immediately.

Q18 : I hate this town. I will never ____ (to return) here again.

Q 19: Choose two forms of the verb ‘to run’ according to the order: Past Simple – Past Participle

Q20 : If someone comes tell __ to wait for a while.


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