English Grammar Quiz 28

Questions in English Grammar Quiz 28 - 15

Q1 : Felix is mad __ ‘Queen’ and ‘Slipknot’.

Q2 : Scientists say that stars called supergiants have __ (a radius) many times larger than that of our planet.

Q3 : How ___ paper do we use in the office daily?

Q4 : If Drake ___ (to have) time he ___ (to study) better.

Q5 : Find the correct word formation chain (noun – adjective – verb): assassination

Q6 : I’ve run 10 kilometres and feel ___ exhausted.

Q7 : Darren was running as ___ as he could.

Q8 : The newspaper reported the party ___ (to win) the election.

Q9 : Locals are asking the city authorities to build a fence __ the central park.

Q10 : __ my humble opinion, the plot of this book is overextended.

Q11 : The Mona Lisa __ (to paint) in 1503-1505.

Q12 : Pete has __ money by selling luxury cars.

Q13 : I’m not a person who can ___ (to tolerate) teenagers.

Q14 : Choose two forms of the verb ‘to grind’ according to the order: Past Simple – Past Participle

Q15 : All the given plans opened for us a wide range of opportunities to release our potential. ____ they tell us about the competition and huge risks.


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