English Grammar Quiz 30

Questions in English Grammar Quiz 30 - 15

Q1 : Unfortunately all rooms in this hostel __ (already / to book). We need to look for another hostel.

Q2 : The Sumptons went on a two-months __ to Europe.

Q3 : Their project __ (is successful) very fine.

Q4 : Choose two forms of the verb ‘to quit’ according to the order: Past Simple – Past Participle

Q5 : ___ it was sunny, we took sunglasses and a parasol to shade skin from the light.

Q6 : Choose the sentence with the right word order

Q7 : The most famous carnival is celebrated in ____Brazil.

Q8 : Origami ___ (to be) his hobby since childhood.

Q9 : Uma ____ (to visit) Moscow when she ___ (to be) young.

Q10 : – It’s so stuffy here! – I __ (to open) the window.

Q11 : Max moved into a new place. He has to get accustomed __ it.

Q12 : The meeting of __ (alumna) will be held on Saturday.

Q13 : We live a boring life. We never go __ .

Q14 : If Julia __ (to be) lucky, she ___ (to be taken) on this prestigious job.

Q15 : Find the correct word formation chain (noun – adjective – verb): agitation



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