English Grammar Quiz 39

Questions in English Grammar Quiz 39 - 15

Q1 : Choose the sentence with the right word order

Q2 : Brianna is _ gifted artist. We should visit her personal exhibition.

Q3 : This music group___(to become) more and more popular. It’s interesting to visit their show.

Q4 : – I ____ (to wait) for your call for hours! – Sorry, I ___ (to watch) TV from 7 till 10 o’clock last night and simply ___ (to forget) to call you.

Q5 : By next October, Jill ____ (to receive) her drivers’s license.

Q6 : This behaviour is very peculiar __ Tim. He is a real rowdy.

Q7 : Bus is a very comfortable ____ of transport.

Q8 : It was hard but we have done __ of the work finally. Now we have less than a half.

Q9 : If Mike___ (to have) time he ___ (can earn) more teaching Polish in addition to his main work.

Q10 : Use a suffix to form a noun from a given word: refuge

Q11 : This green sofa is ___(cozy) than the yellow one.

Q12 : Oh, God! Do you see Mike? He looks ____ ridiculous in this yellow coat.

Q13 : Drew offered ___ (to have) a rest.

Q14 : In answer _ his letter of inquiry Bill was invited to an executive session.

Q15 : Mary is still in the hospital. But she is _ high spirits.


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