English Grammar Quiz 40

Questions in English Grammar Quiz 40 - 15

Q1 : Choose the sentence with the right word order

Q2 : His son plays __cello skillfully.

Q3 : Paul ___ (to read) this book for over two months.

Q4 : It ___ (to happen) last year. I ___ (to swim) in the sea when unexpectedly I ___ (to see) the burning ship.

Q 5 : By the time Katie __ (to leave) she ____ (to be) in Rome for a year.

Q6 : The song ‘I will always love you’ ___(to compose) by a singer Dolly Parton in 1974.

Q7 : I’m so tired. I need to __ a walk in the park.

Q8: ____ (to be attentive to probable risk) icicles on the roof.

Q9 : Choose two forms of the verb ‘to unsay’ according to the order: Past Simple – Past Participle

Q10 : Barbara stopped ____ to text Brian.

Q11 : Well, I’ve got an idea how to transform this terrible place into a __ cosy shelter

Q12 : It’s cold outside. You have to dress up ___ !

Q13 : Mrs. Burton seemed ____ (to be) happy.

Q14 : Paul fell heir ___ his grandfather’s fortune and property.

Q15 : Harry will be late for the performance ___ an extremely long traffic jam.


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