English Grammar Quiz 45

Questions in English Grammar Quiz 46 - 16

1. Before this year, I ___ move out of my parents’ house because I did not have a job.

2. But now that I have finished college and have a job, I realize that living at home ___ drive my parents and me crazy

3. Unfortunately, it’s not so easy to find to find an apartment in the city. Without an agent, you ___ not be able to find all the available listings.

4. Before now, I coudn’t sign a lease, but now I ___ because I am twenty-one.

5. I asked my friends to help me move because I knew that I ___ fit all my possessions into my little car.

6. My best friend said, “I ___ help you move next week.”

7. He added, “I ___ help earlier in the morning than later in the afternoon.” (preference)

8. My father also offered to help me move. He ____ be really eager to have me move out! (conclusion)

9. Another friend told me that he ___ me move, but he never showed up.

10. With the help of three friends, I _ get all my possessions into the new condo. (managed to).

11. My parents are happy for me, but warned, “You ___ spend all your money each month. Save a little extra money for unexpected emergencies.”

12. I know that everyone ___ save a little extra money, but it is hard with so many bills to pay.

13. I made a few purchases. The first thing that I ___ was furniture.

14. I ___ on the wood floor, but it was too hard, so I bought a sofa-bed.

15. It ___ about a year until I am able to completely furnish my apartment.

16. By this time next year, I ___ a lot about living independently.


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