English Grammar Quiz 46

Questions in English Grammar Quiz 46 - 15

Q1 : Choose the sentence with the right word order

Q2 : It has been announced that ___ Pope is going to visit Warsaw.

Q3 : Samuel _______ (not to leave) the office yet. He wants to finish his report by tomorrow morning.

Q4 : Benjamin _______ (to watch) a movie before Alison _______ (to come) in.

Q5 : Luke ____ (to let) us know when he finds the keys to the apartment.

Q6 : Our transport system is very similar ___ Berlin’s one.

Q7 : A stranger gave a beggar two _______ (a loaf) of bread and a bottle of water.

Q8 : Dear, have you bought ___ apples?

Q09 : Express the idea when you want someone to do smth in the present or future: It’s late. Don’t go there alone.

Q10 : Use a suffix to form an adjective from a given word: guilt

Q11 : I bought ______ (riding/beautiful/black) boots yesterday.

Q12 : Our friends ________ invited us to visit their new home in Stradford.

Q13 : Stacey stopped ________ (to drink) some water. She made a pause during her jogging.

Q14 : The government will certainly give an appropriate reply ___ the challenge thrown by radical parties.

Q15 : What’s the distinction ______ hardware and software?

Q16 : Transfer this Active Voice sentence into the Passive one: The Congress signed the Declaration on July 4 in 1776.

Q17 : It is important to me to _____ business with honest partners.

Q18 : Melanie _______ (to devote the day) to her kids and parents.

Q19 : Choose two forms of the verb ‘to backslide’ according to the order: Past Simple – Past Participle

Q20 : Jeremy works hard ________ to prove he deserves to get a higher position.


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