English Grammar Quiz 52

English Grammar Quiz 52


1. The __ you start, the __ you will finish.

(A) soon, early
(B) sooner, earlier
(C) sooner, early
(D) soonest, earliest

2. Compared to the last result, this one is __ .

(A) well
(B) best
(C) better
(D) more better

3. I am sure it will get __ .

(A) warm
(B) warmer
(C) more warmer
(D) the warmest

4. You are growing __ .

(A) tall and tall
(B) tall and taller
(C) more tall and more tall
(D) taller and taller

5. She is __ girl I have ever known.

(A) the pretty
(B) prettiest
(C) more pretty
(D) the prettiest

6. Using this road, we will be __ .

(A) slower
(B) more slower
(C) slowly
(D) more slowly

7. Since we bought the same wallet, yours is __ mine.

(A) better
(B) as well as
(C) as good as
(D) as better as

8. Do you think the blue one or the red one is __ ?

(A) cheap
(B) cheaper
(C) cheaply
(D) the cheapest

9. The __ girl is giving us a treat.

(A) generous
(B) more generously
(C) as generous as
(D) most generously

10. I have never heard a story that is __ this one.

(A) more interesting
(B) interesting than
(C) the most interesting than
(D) as interesting as

ANSWER key 1B 2C 3B 4D 5D 6A 7C 8B 9A 10D


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