Free Online Modals Exercise | English Grammar

Q.1 I .... help you (promise)

Q.2 I ......not teach you. (usability)

Q.3 We .......not to talk to him. (courage).

Q.4 Run fast lest you

Q.5 Sudha piano.(skill)

Q.6 ..... I switch on the TV. (consent).

Q.7 ......that I were a king.(wish).

Q.8 .....I sing a song? (necessity)

Q.9 She .... prefer tea to coffee.

Q.10 go to hell. (negative wish/curse)

Q.11 Raja .... buy a new soft toy. (Insistence).

Q.12 Raju.........lift this box. (strength).

Q.13 you ......brush your teeth daily. (requirement)

Q.14 .... I shut the window.(consent)

Q.15 stole my pen. (courage)

Q.16 We --------- solve this problem. (Capacity)

Q.17  I ----------- attend your sister's marriage party.  (Promise)

Q.18  He ------ play cricket now. (Permission)

Q.19 They ------ not smoke. (Prohibition)

Q.20 All the student------- write their name in capital letter (instruction)

Q.21 We --------- obey the rules of the road. (necessity)

Q.22 She --------run fast before accident (past capacity)

Q.23 --------- You pass salt. (Informal request)

Q. 24 She---------- sit in balcony for hours (past habit)

Q.25 We --------Look after our parents (duty)

Q.26 Kiran has five dresses, she ----------- buy any new dress (lack of necessity)

Q.27 ------------your younger sister read and write.

Q.28 We -------work to eradicate polio. (Duty)

Q.29  Bears ----------- climb up trees.

Q.30 He Doesn't run fast but She----------Win the race(possibility)

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