Free Online synonyms exercises

Free Online synonyms exercises


Choose the word which is most nearly the same in meaning

Q. 1 vivid
A. Dull
B. dim
C. cloudy
D. clear✔

Q.2 worm
A. apathetic
B. Tecpid
C. ardent✔
D. cold

Q.3 tragedy
A. joy
B. delight
C. prosperity
D. catastrophie✔

Q.4 yield
A. bestow✔
B. withhold
C. withdraw
D. Deny

Q.5 wrathful
A. calm
B. pleased
C. quite
D. angry✔

Q.6 schism
A. unity
B. cohere
C. discord✔
D. consolidate

Q.7 redeem
A. ransom✔
B. shun
C. detain
D. hold

Q 8 superficial
A. shallow✔
B. deep
C. trust
D. careful

Q.9 knave
A. duke
B. innocent
C. gentleman
D. rouge✔

Q.10 kill
A. animate
B. massacre✔
C. Save
D. vivify


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