1. Choose the correct word.

A. Gazate
B. Gazete
C. Gazzetee
D. Gazette ✔

2. Give one word substitute._

A thing which is not fresh.

A. Veteral
B. Lazy
C. Passive
D. Stale✔

3. Give Plural form of the word

Woman Servant

A. Woman Servants
B. Women Servant
C. Women Servants✔
D. Woman Servant

Fill in the blank with suitable words ( Q. Nos. 4-12 )

4. Padmavati is engaged … Ratan Singh.

A. to✔
B. with
C. in
D. of

5. My mother has been I’ll …. three months.

A. for✔
B. since
C. of
D. from

6. I order her about as if she …. my wife.

A. is
B. were✔
C. had
D. will

7. A …. of elephants was ready to attack the lion.

A. group
B. herd✔
C. flock
D. fleet

8. I asked Babita if Savitri …. already been married.

A. had✔
B. has
C. have
D. would have

9. …. honesty is the best policy

A. An
B. A
C. The
D. No article✔

10. These three soldiers quarrelled …. themselves .

A. between
B. among✔
C. within
D. amidst

11. Mukesh is kind … to help us.

A. quite
B. very
C. enough✔
D. much

12. He ….. me some money

A. oferred C. offored
B. offerred D. offered✔

13. The Masculine for the word ‘ Miss ‘ is ….. .

✔A. Master C. Mr.
B. Mister D. Mrs.

14. Antonym of the word ” Genuine ” is …. .

A. Old C. Unsound
✔B. Bogus D. Rotten

15. Synonym of the word ” Secular ” is ….. .

✔A. worldly C. religious
B. educational D. round

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