One Word Substitution Question 01

Directions: Select single word or phrase which means most nearly the same as the given idiomatic phrase

1. Feeling a guilt

2. A Christian mass in memory of dead person

3. Science which claims to turn baser metals to gold

4.  Something which is fit for being eaten

5. Of a speech made without preparation

6. A person who assails cherished beliefs

7. Of a metal capable of being beaten to any shape

8. Functioning by means of air

9. Lasting for a very short time

10. An insignificant fault that can be forgiven

11. Secretly listening to others’ conversation

12. One who habitually talks in sleep

13. Items to ‘be considered at a meeting

14. A theft from the works of the others

15. One who hates the institution of marriage:

16. The building where the old things of historical interest are kept

17. a person who hunts wild animals

18. a group of animals of the same type

19. One who travels, one who goes from one place to another

20. A group of objects of one type

21. A person who loves of one’s country

22. A very religious person who belongs to a particular group

23. A person who works to achieve political or social change

24. A person who checks financial accounts

25. A person who welcome people in office/ hotels

26. A person who repairs electrical items

27. A person who treats diseases and gives medicine

28. A person who sells flowers

29. a person who makes tables and chairs

30. A person who plays music

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