Poem: Gracian urn ( Poet: john keats [1795-1821] )

About poet john keats?
Keats Romantic age का पोएट था।
Keats was the poet of 2nd generation of romantic poet.

Keats को उसकी पोएम के रिव्यु मिले⬇
?? Quartely review:
?? Blackwood magazine.:
इन magazine ने कीट्स को criticize किया।

Specifications of keats??
= Keats was an escapist.
= His poetry is sensual.
= Keats talks to hellenic art.

Beauty is truth,truth is beauty.
= Negative capability terms.

Shelly द्वारा लिखी गयी elegy adonais कीट्स की मृत्यु पर लिखी गयी elegy है।

About the poem Gracian urn⬇
यह एक romantic ode है।

(Urn= it was made of marble urn,it was crafted in ancient greece.)

It belonged to lord holland.
Urn पर drawing  है।?

1- A piper playing on his pipe.
2- A priest standing on an altar.
3- A heafer is being led to the altar.
4- two trees.

Outstanding drawing⬇
1- maiden being followed by lads.

Publication and date?
It was written in 1819 and published in 1820 in the annals of fine art.

✨Marble urn london meseum में देखा गया था

5 stanza.
10 lines each.
Total 50 lines.

इसे iambic pentametre में लिखा गया है।

इस पोएम में एक quartrain है जो चार लाइन की है।
Rhyming scheme: ab ab

एक sestet है जो सिक्स लाइन का है ।

Rhyming scheme: cde dce, cde ced

Keats को "a pure poet" कहा गया है।


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