1. He panted the _door_ white
In this above sentence the underlined element is

A. A noun phrase
B. An adjective phrase✔
C. An adverb
D. A verb phrase

2. Which of the following ports is finite.

A. going B. Gone C. To go D. goes✔

3. Which of the following verbs is infinitive

A.Is B. Am C.are D. Been✔

4. Which of the following verbs is transitive

A.Weep B. Sleep C. Run D. Make✔

5. Which of the following verbs in intransitive.

A. Teach B. wake✔
C. build D. Watch

6. Which is not transitive verb

A. come✔. B. Drink
C. Eat D. Break

7. Which is transitive verb.

A. Bathe B. Breathe
C. Take✔ D. Go

8. He gave me a _pencil_.

A. A compliment
B. An indirect object
C. A direct object ✔
D. An adverb

9. I always__ book__ my seats in advance
there is _book_ on the table

the underlined word are.

A. Verb and adjective B. Verb and noun✔
C. Noun and noun
D. Noun and adjective

10. He is quite __friendly_ with me.
the underlined word is

A. An adverb B. An adjective ✔
C. A noun D. A verb

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