Secret Tricks to nail GK section in Competitive Exams

GK Question Answers remain to be the most challenging portion of any competitive exam paper. Students often find it difficult to prepare General Knowledge questions, given the vastness and subject matter of the subject. The preparation is tough when students don’t understand what to study and how much to study for the GK section in an exam.

Preparing GK for a competitive exam does not need hard work, but it needs a lot of smart work. Without a smart study plan, you will end up in a messed-up situation where it is hard for you to track what you have studied and what is still remaining. If you are preparing for any government job exam or a competitive exam, preparing for current affairs and GK properly is crucial.

Here are two golden rules that you are suggested to follow in order to prepare well and ace the GK portion of your final exam. 

1. Prepare your own GK syllabus

The first thing to do is to understand and clarify your GK Syllabus. Before you start studying GK for your exam, it is important to know what to study and how deeply you have to study it. Hence, the first step is to create your own syllabus and mention every topic and subtopic that you have to study for GK preparation. To give you an idea, you can start by categorizing GK topics into the following categories:

  • Physical Geography

  • India Geography

  • World Geography

  • India History

  • World History

  • General Science

  • Indian Economy

  • Indian Polity

  • Current Affairs

  • Indian Constitution 

  • Static GK

  • Awards and Honours

  • Sports

  • Important Events

  • International Organisations

Remember to add and write down only the ones which are relevant to your exam. Also to study State geography and about Indian Economy, you can refer to the Rajasthan gk in Hindi and India gk in Hindi section on our website.

How to find out relevant GK topics for your competitive exam?

Finding the relevant topics for your competitive exam is not as difficult as it sounds. Here is how you can do this:

  1. Refer to the original version of the syllabus (which might be available on the official exam website). You might find some topics listed there.

  2. Refer to any study guides. You might find these online or in physical bookstores. If you get enrolled in coaching classes, whether online or offline, it is the center’s responsibility to provide you with a clear syllabus and study material as well as guidance for preparation. 

  3. Refer to previous years’ question papers. This will give you an idea of the kinds of questions that are being asked frequently and the scope of GK that you need to study. You can refer to the GK Question Answers section on our website and prepare well.

2. Schedule the topics and build a habit

Once you have a clear syllabus in your hand, the next thing to do is to schedule all the topics. Schedule a date and time for each topic that you have to study. This way, the syllabus will not look too overwhelming or long to you, and you would be able to determine how much time you would need to spend each day studying GK in order to finish the entire syllabus in a set time constraint.

An easy way to finish your schedule in time is to create a disciplined habit to study at the same time for the same number of hours every day. Such consistency will allow you to easily cover all the topics on your syllabus without having to go out of your way or pull all-nighters a day before the exam. This has also proven to improve memory and allow you to recall things better on your exam.

Always make sure that you set 15-20 minutes each day to revise what you have studied the day before so that it is easier to memorize and recall important dates, figures, and facts.

How to GK in routine?

Here are some things that you can do to easily build a habit of studying GK daily:

  • Fix the time and duration for studying, abide by it by all means

  • Taking mock tests is necessary to stand out from the crowd; refer to our Rajasthan gk mock test quiz in Hindi for better results.

  • Associate it with another activity, such as right after waking up, right before going to sleep, or after lunch or dinner

  • Do it for at least 21 to 30 days regularly without missing a single day

  • Cut down on all distractions while studying, do not get up from your desk or check your phone until you are done with your daily target

Other Tips To prepare GK for Competitive Exams

Apart from these two golden rules, experts and toppers suggest a lot of tips and tricks help you ace your GK portion on your final exam. Here are some of them:

  • Be curious, aware, and attentive in your daily life. GK is a thing that you can learn easily if you become conscious about everything happening in your surroundings. Every process has a science and phenomenon behind it, and everything is connected. Learning more about some basic things happening around you can help you to cover half of your syllabus effortlessly.

India GK Notes and Question Answers 

  • Follow news and current affairs and see beyond the mainstream media. Always read and learn extensively about all the important events and news happenings in your country and in the world. Don’t just rely on the mainstream media, which is often biased and misinformed. Research every trending topic thoroughly through the internet, books, and reliable information sources.

  • Build healthy reading habits. If you want to become smarter, more knowledgeable, and more informed than the average person, the key is to read more than the average person. Read books, newspapers, articles, and information whenever and wherever you find them. This is not a habit as much as it is a character trait. To become an extraordinary student, you need to build extraordinary character traits.

Control Area in Organization

Preparation for GK Exams and current affairs might sound intimidating to you at first. However, when you really indulge and delve into all the information with genuine curiosity and a wish to know and learn, everything becomes interesting, and memorizing things becomes effortless.


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