Verb Questions with Answer - English Grammar

Verb Questions with Answer - English Grammar

for IAS, IPS, SSC CGL, IBPS, RRB NTPC, Bank, Insurance, RBI, MPSC, RAS, NET, B.ED, CTET, AIRFORCE, Navy, RPF SI, RAILWAY, POLICE, High Court, Ras, Reet, Teacher, UPPSC, MPPSC, RPSC, DSSSB, IES/ ISS exams 

Q.1. The doctor delay Seeing until all the patients..... present .
a). is               b) are ✔
c.) was           d) have

Q.2. Father........ nice to you if you are a good girl.
a). will be ✔           b). will had
c). shall.                 d). is a

Q.3. If Radha had worked hard, she .......passed.
a). would             b). would have ✔
c). had                d). none of the above

Q.4. They......... the green trees by that time .
a). has cut           b). cuts
c). had cut. ✔      d) are cut

Q.5. Many a man...... imprisoned without trial in fascist countries.
a). are.             b). were
c). is ✔            d). have been

Q.6 Many people reported....... a noise in the night.
a). to hear
b). having heard
c). to have heard ✔
d). been hearing

Q.7 If I .........a doctor ,I would serve the poor.
a). am.         b). had been
c). was.        d). were ✔

Q 8 Subhash has....... his cycle.
a). paint

b). Paints
c). been painted
d). painted ✔

Q9. We because the Physics demonstrator to.
a). wait ,told
b). waiting ,tell

c). waiting, told ✔
d). wait ,tells

Q10. Our class teacher always .......on time .
a ) come

b). came
c). comes ✔

d) do come

11. Correct sentence is
A) he have had food.
B) he has had food. ✔
C) he had has food.
D) he has haved food.

12. His friend often ....... late from his work.
A) is coming
B) does coming
C) cames
D) comes ✔

13. A plant is also a ...... being.
A) live
B) living ✔
C) lived
D) liver

14. The Great scientist Marie Curie ......... the element Radium.
A) observed
B) discovered ✔
C) was discovered
D) been searching

15. I don't like smoking.

Which words are verbs in this sentence
A) do and smoking
B) do and ing
C) like and not
D) like and do ✔

16. I am going to purchase a 2nd hand car.
Here going to expresses
A) present action
B) fixed plan in near future ✔
C) past possibility
D) uncertainty

17. Please ..... not ..... this work alone. Ask somebody to assist.
A) do, is
B) does, do
C) did, not
D) do, do ✅

18. It .... raining at this time yesterday but it ...... not raining now.
A) did, is
B) were, today
C) was, is ✅
D) had, has

19. A poor student from that remote and small village ............ the highest marks in the Board exam.
A) gave
B) distributed
C) obtained ✅
D) ruined


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