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Here we included important questions in English Grammar Parts of speech MCQ Test for all competitive exams like IBPS, RRB, LIC, Teaching, Insurance, SSC, Bank, SBI, RBI, NIACL, RRB, Railway, Group D, NTPC, SSC CGL, CHSL, MTS, Police, Patwari, Forest Gard, Army GD, Air Force, etc. Which will helpful for all future competitive exams as well as school and college exams

Q1. How many types of parts of speech?

Q2. How many types of Nouns?

Q3. How many types of Gender (of noun)?

Q4. How many types of Number (of noun)?

Q5. What is the plural form of "ZOO".

Q6. Which is the pronoun of "Such".

Q7. How many types of adjectives of number.

Q8. There is a little water in the glass.

Q9. The first chapter of this book is noun.

Q10. This mobile is mine .in these sentence Mine here..…

Q11. How many types of Co-ordinating conjunction ?

Q12.Anyone can come and see this. Which pronoun of ANYONE

Q13. A word that qualifies a noun or pronoun is called..…

Q14. Sunil as well as his family is planning to go for a picnic. As well as is here.…

Q15. How many kinds of Verbs?

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